I help leaders to fuse their skills, their authentic selves, and their intentions to be inspire their organizations to superior performance. 

What makes me different from other coaches is that I focus on why.  Adults often will not learn new skills or change their style until they see a reason to do so.  Every year, millions of training dollars are wasted teaching employees what to do without considering the why.  I focus on the why before addressing the what and how.

Effective coaching requires a connection between the coach and client.  As an introverted leader with titles such as Chief Information Officer and Purchasing Director, I can relate to them.  I know what is needed to be successful in a corporate environment.


I offer executive coaching and leadership training for corporations including (click on items for more information):

I am certified to adminiter: Hogan Assessments, MBTI, Clark Wilson 360, and the Energy Leadership Index.

I do business as cookbox.com LLC, which is a certified minority business by New York City. Our Certificate Number is: MWCERT2015-482

Contact me at kris@krisishibashi.com

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