Leader Assimilation

Executives who take on new positions, whether they are promoted from within or brought in from outside find that expectations are high and the timeframe for achieving those expected results is narrowing.  The Center for Creative Leadership has reported that 40% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months.  This is painful for the leaders and their teams and expensive for companies. I offer a program focusing on the first 90 days for new leaders.  Like the Executive Coaching offering, it is focused on business requirements but also adds team building to the mix. Assessments may be included.

Each coaching engagement focuses on the skills, abilities, and behaviors that lead to improved business performance and results.  With input from key stakeholders I work to identify individual growth needs.

  • Specific coaching objectives in the context of individual growth needs and business requirements
  • Building a development plan to address key issues and needs relative to the business
  • On-going, personalized developmental coaching
  • In some cases, an assessment process may be needed, which could include Hogan, MBTI, Energy Leadership Index, instrumented 360º assessment and/or structured interviews

Programs typically run weekly for three months.

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