Who I am

When a client has a flash of insight into themselves that enables them to see a way forward, that is a magical moment.  I love working with people to help them find those moments.  We all have many strengths that brought us success in the past, but stresses of the world sometimes take us to a place where these strengths work against us.

I am a leadership/career coach trained at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), certified by the International Coaching Federation.  I founded and run Careersearchers, a job search support group in New York City (aka NYC Careersearchers in Meetup). For over four years, the group has met weekly, providing tools for people looking to start the next phase in their careers.  In addition to workshops covering traditional search topics such as resumes, LinkedIn, networking, and interviewing, the group covers topics addressing some of the emotional issues that might affect the search. 

I have over 25 years of business leadership experience.  My titles have included Chief Information Officer, Purchasing Director, and Assistant Budget Director. Yet, several years ago after I lost both of my parents, I admitted that I was miserable in my job and changed the direction of my life.

I am a Japanese-American who grew up in the tristate New York area.  I leveraged the Asian emphasis on hard work and education to earn an MBA from Columbia. Throughout my life, I have been "quiet" and learned how to use my quiet strengths to meet my goals in this extraverted world.  I know that introverts are different. That knowledge has helped me to help others to do the same.

Working with me, clients determine the best approach to the next chapter in their lives, and then develop and implement a plan for making it happen. If you are ready to make the journey, contact me today for a complimentary coaching session. Click here.

Contact me at: kris@krisishibashi.com