You are talented and driven

As a leader with a record of achievement, you have shown that you get things done. But lately, the recognition and rewards, have slowed. Maybe it's a new management team or reorganization that have thrown you off your stellar game. The pace of change in the world is dizzying, and sometimes it's tough to recognize how we need to adapt without losing sight of who we are. You were never one to shrink from a challenge, so you can do it!

My program is based on accountability and has serious expectations around action on your part. It is 80% coaching and 20% mentoring so that you will move forward to meet your goals.

If you work with me, you will start by taking the Hogan Assessment, which will provide an assessment of your strengths, behavioral risk factors, and values.  It takes about 30 minutes and is taken on-line.  It will provide a starting point for our work together.

Let's get started! Set up a complimentary session to learn about working with me.  


What people say

"When my job was on the line, Kris helped me to understand how I could change my communication style to be a more effective leader. She showed me how important emotional intelligence is and how I could raise mine. Thanks to her coaching, I'm doing better at work and even at home." - D.E., Finance

"I started working with Kris when I started my new job, which required me to step up to a leadership role.  Kris gave me advice on how to navigate this new position, especially as an introverted person.  We met weekly, and discussed areas where I wished to improve, including public speaking, and running and speaking up at meetings.  Kris is a great listener, and she easily and readily distills my issues to get to the heart of the matter.  She applies insight from her many years of experience as a senior executive in the corporate world for tangible and well-tested advice.  When I first started my new job, I was extremely nervous about my ability to perform, but after working with Kris, I have learned methods and techniques to deal with various situations that have improved my self-confidence."    - J.N., Higher Education

"Kris has been a terrific coach, helping me chart a clearer course to achieve my professional goals within the framework of my overall spiritual and personal life path. I felt the need for a coach/mentor who could assist me to make time for my own development and become less conflicted in the midst of a demanding schedule of ramping up a start-up business, parenting a young child and keeping up with other commitments. The Energy Leadership Assessment has been a very useful tool for gaining helpful insights in this process.  The structure and support Kris provided in weekly coaching sessions and the "homework" that we agreed on together based on my personal goals have made me feel much clearer about my direction and more focused, effective and energized."

-  D. W., Entrepreneur

"Kris is a very professional and wonderfully talented coach!  I had the privilege of working with her for twelve weeks!  During that time Kris worked with me on important topics ranging form time management to heightening my energetic presence.  In each session I was provided with a safe space to explore my thoughts and emotions all while being championed and encouraged to keep taking a step forward no matter how small!  Thank you Kris, for keeping me accountable!  I am grateful for your partnership during my journey of self-discovery and personal development!"  -  Stephanie H.    
"Kris has and will continue to play a large role in my professional and personal development. I met Kris during my tenure as an associate at Con Edison's Leadership Programs. She was my mentor.  As her mentee, Kris identified my challenges as a speaker and coached me to address and challenge my weaknesses. What I thoroughly enjoyed while working with her is that she is not aggressive in her delivery. She speaks in a consultative manner, allowing the individual to choose how to improve, given the options. Kris's determination to ensure those she has committed to working with is greatly shown and I thank her for being a great mentor while I was at Con Edison and her continuation of the mentorship today." - Emily Yu, Account Manager, Pinterest