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Copyright: <a href=''>rdonar / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

You are talented and driven with a record of accomplishment

You've seen success in your life's journey, and now you're at a crossroads.  In this rapidly changing world, you may find yourself in a very different place compared to the last time you looked for a job.

I work with professional clients whose careers have evolved and taken them to unexpected places.  My clients find that they need to regroup and reassess themselves and the possibilities on their way to resuming their journeys.  I coach them through a rigorous process that takes into account their dreams, talents, preferences, and current priorities.  They then take all that they've learned about themselves and determine how best to meet their objective in the current market. 

My clients typically face special challenges. Despite their incredible accomplishments, many of my clients feel a sense of having failed even though the forces that landed them in their current situation are bigger than they are.  We feel that we should have seen the changes coming.  Another challenge is that they feel pressured to find the perfect direction and the perfect job, which can feel overwhelming.  I have a personal understanding of both of these and can share strategies that some have found successful.

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